Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Quote: Holy Spirit - the "Disrupter" (Karina Kreminski)

We are less comfortable with the role that the Holy Spirit plays in disrupting our lives and turning us upside down. In Matthew 4:1 we read that right after the very comforting experience Jesus had of the Spirit affirming him as the Son of God, the Spirit ‘led’ Jesus into the desert to be tempted by the enemy. Often the Spirit will lead us to places that we don’t want to go, teach us surprising things about God, turn our theology around, and give us experiences that we would perhaps rather not have. Have we domesticated the Spirit to the extent that we do not experience his ‘wild’ character in our lives? The Holy Spirit does not bring us discomfort and disorientation for the sake of it, instead he turns us and our plans inside out so that we might be more aligned with the mission of God in our world.

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