Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Model Prayer for use in public worship gatherings

We thank you loving God that we can gather here today for worship.
We thank you also that other people can gather in your name in other places.
We have come from our homes and community to meet with one another and with you.
We thank you for the Saturday we had, with all its joys, activities and the various places of gathering.
We thank you that today we can sing your praise, we can read your word, share in communion, and pray.
We thank you for the many resources and gifts you have given us, that we can use in a ministry to others.
We thank you for the recent rains, then followed by some beautiful weather.
We thank you for our family, friends, neighbours, church, and all those who love us and encourage us.
Our minds turn to those we care for.
We pray for any who are sick, incapacitated, lonely or sad.
We pray for a fresh awakening of grace and healing in their lives:
[insert names & particular situations].
We pray for those who are recovering from illness or surgery: […] or anyone else.
We pray for those who are away from us – on holiday or for other reasons:
[...] or anyone else.
We continue to pray for the people of [Nepal], and as well those seeking to serve them.
We continue also to pray for peace to come to troubled places, for evil intent to turn in repentance, for injustice to bow to Jesus.
We pray for those who know that they need to worship, but have found it hard to do so.
We pray that there will be a fresh awakening of your love and Spirit in them.
Help us to be encouragers in the coming week.
Help us to do something or say something that makes a real positive difference in the life of another.
Help us to be part of your mission in the world.
We pray for the challenges and decisions before us as a church, that we will know your very close guidance.
We look forward to seeing many people that are on our minds come to know you.
We look forward to seeing a movement of your Spirit, and of your people;
That we will cause us to grow, and to rise up in even more praise and worship.
We now pray that we can be attentive to your word as it has been searched;
That we might be more ready, more prepared, and more equipped.


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