Monday, July 21, 2014

Settling In

We are temporarily staying in a house (thanks Ruth & family) in Bakers Gully Road. This is a beautiful location and we are starting to think that this is exactly where we would like to buy our next home. But there isn't anything for sale ... except maybe land if we wanted to build. Maybe we could relocate a house from somewhere else (Raelene has found a church in Queensland available for relocation). Yesterday I placed a note in six nearby houses in case they were thinking of selling.

There are two other houses in the frame, but difficulties have emerged for us in both cases. Decisions, decisions, decisions! Other recent situations have all resolved themselves ... or at least a combination of the effort and prayer put in resolved them. We have gained a new ministry opportunity in Bright that seems to be a mutually good association. We sold our house in Point Cook for a fair price. Despite rental and storage costs, we are here fit and well. So, logically, and in faith, we can say that all will work out in time. Yet it is that "in time" phrase that is so open-ended.

Bright itself turned on a beautiful weekend to welcome us. We met up with old friends Lorna and Robert, and at the Saturday market we met new friends. I appeased that feeling of being of 'no fixed address' by getting a PO Box and a library card. Raelene sent an update email to family and friends including a picture of the frosty backyard. We are here and beginning to love it already.

The highlight is the gentle and short walk into the main street where we just buy what we feel like for this particular day's provisions. "Give us this day our daily bread" comes to mind. Whether it's the next meal or a home to settle in, we just seek what will sustain us and our ministry in this next stage of our journey.

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